Ealing Council has launched a new grant funding portal as part of its Transform Your Space Programme. 

The link to the portal is here: http://www.dosomethinggood.org.uk/help-and-advice/finance-fundraising 

You will need to register to use the portal (email and password required), then select Browse Search then select

  1. what type of organisation you are
  2. the project focus that interests them eg environment, children

There is a selection panel on right side of the screen which allows you to Filter by Status, select ‘Open’

  1. select the funds that appeal to you

You can save your searches – give each one a name that helps you remember what kind of search it covers – and then you can tick to receive notifications for future funding opportunities that meet your search criteria (you can have more than one). Once saved you can quickly access them on Saved Searches tab.


Posted: 21 February 2019