A new wave of funding has been announced from the London Community Response – a coalition of over 60 funders who are working together to make it easier for charities to get the resources that they need during these unprecedented times. So far over £20m has been distributed to civil society organisations across all 33 London boroughs.

What funding is available now?

Whatever priority area you are applying for funding for, you can apply for either a small or a large grant:
  • Small – grants of up to £10,000, using a simple application form, with decisions typically made within two to three weeks of you making an application; or
  • Large – grants of up to £50,000, involving a longer application form, with decisions typically made within six to eight weeks of you making an application.  In some circumstances we may consider grants above £50,000 but there must be a strong rationale in your application for this.
We expect these grants to cover up to six months of your costs for the work you are seeking funding for (from the time the grant is awarded), though it can be for a shorter period (e.g. activities over the summer).  Where possible we will offer unrestricted grants, though this is more likely if you are applying for a small grant.

We have three strands to the current funding programme – crisis, enable and adapt.  We will assess your application against the priority issues listed on the website.  In summary, the strands are:
  • Crisis - We know that the crisis won’t be over at the same time and in the same way for everyone – we will continue to offer funding to provide food, essentials and support through crisis.
  • Enable - We know that many people will be navigating changes to their lives – we will fund work that helps to prevent difficulties escalating, and that enables people to emerge from crisis.
  • Adapt - We know that civil society organisations have faced significant challenges during the crisis – we will fund work that helps groups to restart, adapt or collaborate for the future.
More information and a full list of eligible organisations can be found on the London Community Response guidance page

Funding priorities

Through all the funding programmes available we will give particular priority to supporting:

  • Equity and inclusion – organisations led by and for marginalised communities and those most affected by the covid-19 crisis (particularly Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME); Deaf and Disabled; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+); and/or women’s-led groups);
  • Strong connections – groups who reach and connect with people at high risk of negative impacts from Covid-19 (in terms of health outcomes, as well as social and economic issues);
  • Smaller organisations – typically those with a turnover of up to £1m a year (though we welcome applications from grassroots and much smaller groups too).

What we are looking to fund?

We welcome applications from all parts of civil society, though our analysis highlights increased funding needs for groups working on: advice; arts and culture; children and young people; domestic abuse and Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG); equity and inclusion; food; homelessness; infrastructure (civil society support); mental health and wellbeing; people at risk; and refugees and migrants.  You will be asked on the application form to indicate if you work is linked to one of these areas.

We have collated evidence and insight on the needs of communities, which is available in our resource hub, and are keen to ensure that funding supports people who are at risk of negative impacts from covid-19 – including BAME, LGBT, and Deaf and Disabled people and communities, women, people on low incomes and people living in more deprived areas.

Funding can be used for:
  • People – staffing and volunteer costs associated with delivering the work you are applying for;
  • Support – supervision and support for your team, including wellbeing and specialist support;
  • Equipment – any equipment you need to deliver this work that is not already in your budget;
  • Resources – any new software or training needed for your team to do their work;
  • Services – meeting the needs of the people you work for, including food and essentials, translation or interpreting services, or deep cleaning of accommodation (a small number of funders can also cover the costs of vouchers given to people to buy these items directly);
  • Overheads – direct additional costs (e.g. for home working), together with a proportionate contribution to your organisational costs (including your governance costs);
  • Partnership – staff time, professional fees, or support needed to enable collaboration; and
  • Development – contributions to capacity building, infrastructure and organisational development. 

When is the deadline? 

Applications will be considered in the order they are received.  We expect to stop taking applications under this wave of funding by the end of July – we will, however, monitor levels of applications and publish any final deadline on this website with at least one week’s notice before closing.

Spread the word...

It was announced in May that the London Community Response awarded funding to Ubele, Council of Somali Organisations, London Gypsy and Travellers, Inclusion London, Women’s Resource Centre and Consortium to ensure BAME, Deaf and Disabled, Women’s and LGBTQ+ led organisations are reached and supported by the London Community Response.

The above organisations will make sure to outreach to their constituent communities, and we encourage you to help spread the word too. Please forward this mailing to anyone in the sector that you think is eligible to apply for funding. We are also promoting the fund on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages. 

Apply now

Find out more at londoncommunityresponsefund.org.uk 

Posted: 1 August 2020