Our specialist teams ensure resources deliver maximum results where they’re most needed. Find out how we can help you change places and change lives in local communities.    Here are some examples:

Community Services

We help people come together to change the places where they live for the better and to develop their skills, build their confidence and make new friendships.  Click here for more information

Life Skills and Employment

We develop tailored local initiatives with housing associations, major employers, schools and colleges and also run major programmes on behalf of local and national government.  Click here for more information

Supporting Young People

We work with young people in and out of schools to encourage them to learn, to help them develop as people and to have inspirational experiences that they will remember for life.  Click here for more information

Energy, Water and Waste

We help people to reduce their use of resources to save them money – and become part of the movement battling the climate crisis.   Click here for more information

Posted: 4 March 2020