The Green Doctors programme is funded by the council and offers free home visits to people vulnerable to fuel poverty (which includes older people, people with young children, people with long-term mental and physical health problems, and people living on a low income, among others). They are particularly trying to reach out to faith groups to reach older people and families with children with long-term health conditions. 

On their visit, Green Doctors can install energy-saving measures such as draughtproofing, radiator reflector panels, TV powerdown plugs and LED energy-saving bulbs.  They also offer water-saving measures, and help people switch tariff and access discounts on energy and water bills and access benefits they might be eligible for, to reduce the cost of their bills. They will also help people understand how to use their heating systems and their Smart Meters, if they have them. 

In addition to this, people can be referred on for a free service which helps them identify any benefits they are eligible for and apply for them, as well as to the fire service to help people access free fire safety visits for their homes. 

You can find more information about the programme here: and people can refer themselves for the service (or you can refer them).

The link for the Ealing specific service that the Green Doctors deliver in partnership with the council:  

The contact number for Ealing residents to call for a Green Doctor visit is 0800 083 2265 and the place to make a referral online is:



Posted: 4 June 2019