YGAM is a national charity that informs, educates and safeguards young people around the potential harms of gaming and gambling.


The tech-savvy generation are participating in online activity more than ever before, and statistics show that they are particularly at risk. The latest report from the Gambling Commission (November 2019) found that 11% of young people had spent their own money on a gambling activity in the past week and children between 11 – 16 spend over 13 hours per week playing video games. During lockdown many are spending even more time online.


YGAM are offering FREE, 90 minutes online training and resources to all those working directly with young people. The programme provides engaging activities to encourage honest and guided conversations, and promote safer decision making amongst young people.


All participants will be sent a digital version of the ‘In the Know’ booklet which includes over 60 activities to use with the young people you work with and, when lockdown is lifted, a face to face top up session can be arranged to share our online resources. The  webinar covers the following topics:


  • An overview of how young people are increasingly exposed to gaming and gambling


  • The role of advertising, particularly around sporting events


  • The influence of social media, in game purchases, loot boxes and Esports


  • The signs to look out for when an individual is at risk and where to seek help


  • YGAM resources that have been developed for practitioners to deliver to young people


To find a training session that suits you and to book a place please follow the link to



If you have any queries please contact Rebecca Mark at rebecca@ygam.org

Posted: 3 July 2020