You run a small charity, looking to grow. You run a start-up social enterprise. You run a bigger charity and you find leadership challenging. You aspire to lead a charity yourself, one day.

Whatever your position, if you believe that local charity and social enterprise leaders can learn from each other, please get in touch!

Ella Forums bring together leaders and aspiring leaders of smaller charities and social enterprises to share their experience in a constructive and supportive way. Meeting together as a peer group, once a month, they develop leadership skills and share ways of growing the capacity and efficiency of their organisations.

Ella has to make a charge to cover the costs of running a monthly Forum and we know that very small charities find it difficult to meet new costs. Our fee structure reflects ability to pay and we ask businesses to help the local community by sponsoring a local charity to take part.

A new Ella Forum is opening in May, in Hounslow, though organisations from neighbouring boroughs are very welcome to join. You can find out more about Ella at and more about the new, local group from its chair, Brentford-based Tom Ella forum

Posted: 16 May 2019