Plastics Challenge 2020 – the Canal and River Trust have just launched a new campaign and guide for individuals / canalhouseholds to help keep the canals and towpaths litter and rubbish free.

Plastics and litter in our canals and rivers are part of a much bigger global problem. The good news is that it’s the little things you do on your doorstep that can make a world of difference.

Every year an estimated 14 million pieces of plastic end up in and around our canals and rivers. These plastic bottles, food wrappers and bags can harm the fish, swans and other wildlife that make the canals their home.

Sadly we can’t clear all of this up, so enough plastic to fill 20,000 bin bags is washed from our waterways out into the ocean each year.

Get active to fight plastic

If everyone who visited one of our canals or rivers picked up just one piece of plastic, the water and towpaths would be clear within a year.

So, we’re asking if you can do a litter pick along a towpath near you. You’ll need to read our safety tips before you set off, which are also included in our free downloadable guide below.

Join our Plastics Challenge and make a global difference in your local community.

More information about the campaign and the downloadable guide can be found on our website here.

Posted: 15 June 2020