Charity Choice

A wide range of free goods direct from donors listed on the open-access website.

Categories that are supported by Give Your Goods are posted on the noticeboard and made accessible to all visitors to Charity Choice on the Internet.

Notices include a description of what's on offer, the location and delivery details if applicable and the contact details including an email address of the donor.

Charity visitors to Give Your Goods then liaise directly with the donor to ensure their charity benefits from the goods or services on offer. Types of offers include:

  • Office furniture
  • Household furniture
  • Computer equipment & IT training
  • Event planning
  • Website design
  • Publicity material

Goodwill Gallery (the name) no longer exists. Instead a category called Give Your Goods where the public donate their goods.

To download a PDF version of all VCS Discount Schemes click here

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  • 020 7549 8708
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