5 December 2017

1pm to 4pm

Location: Lido Centre, 63 Mattock Lane, West Ealing, W13 9LA

Cost: Free

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How to Handle Difficult Situations 

This workshop will help anyone working with clients, customers and service users to develop strategies and techniques that will enable you to handle difficult situations.
Suitable for both volunteers and paid staff this workshop aims to address some of the challenges that arise as a result of working or volunteering in a client facing role. You will have the opportunity to consider why people become difficult and how to avoid difficult situations.

By the end of the session you will be able to:
  • Manage expectations and set boundaries
  • Identify the reason/s why a client is being difficult
  • Handle confrontation
  • Consider your responsibilities and those of the client
  • Plan for and prevent difficult situations from arising in the future