Our staff are here to help you. Contact us to find out more about our projects and services. To see individual staff profiles click here.

Ealing CVS Staff
Barbara Tilley Interim Managing Director 020 8280 2287, barbara@ealingcvs.org.uk
Gurpreet Rana Senior Fundraising and Projects Manager 020 8280 2246, gurpreet@ealingcvs.org.uk
Iain Elliott Funding and Group Development Officer, Hounslow 020 8280 2281, iain@ealingcvs.org.uk
Samantha Stotland Volunteering and Social Action Projects Co-ordinator 020 8280 2241, samantha@ealingcvs.org.uk
Toby Cray Help Through Crisis / Help Your Health Project Officer 020 8280 2244, toby@ealingcvs.org.uk
Rozeena Van Der Waal Funding and Group Development Officer 02082802281, 0786 9381 301 rozeena@ealingcvs.org.uk
Peter Hickey Campaigns and Development Officer 07378 178401 peter@ealingcvs.org.uk
Irfan Arif European Union Settlement Scheme Engagement Officer 02082802230
Whitley St Luce-Frederick Health Projects Officer 020 8280 2245, whitley@ealingcvs.org.uk

If you are not sure who to call, please contact the general Ealing CVS office on 0208 280 2230.