Advising Communities have taken over all the services that Community Matters were previously running Advising Communitiesincluding specialist legal work, expert community building training “community assets matter”, VISIBLE quality standards, information and advice etc. 

For those people who are not familiar with Community Matters, they were an organisation who closed their doors in March 2016 after operating for many years as a dedicated organisation for community associations and were able to provide a range of resources, from the basics of setting up a community organisation to advice on governance and charity law.

Advising Communities is the legal and technical advice, information and support service for individuals and organisations. 

They help a wide range of organisations including community and voluntary groups, charities, social enterprises, small businesses, housing associations and local authorities across England and Wales.

The team are a group of community advisors and lawyers who can offer both advice, consultancy and full legal casework on behalf of the organisation. They have 150 information sheets sharing best practice which they are currently expanding to include an HR handbook in the autumn.

Subscription rates are low and affordable and allow access to essential information

 E – newsletter subscription is free.

 Information and email advice subscriptions:

  • £20 a year – Under 20K income
  • £50 a year - Community Orgs and charities 20K – 500K
  • £100 a year – Community Orgs and Charities with an income over 500K
  • £200 a year – CVS/RCC/Volunteer Centre
  • £250 a year – Local authority or housing association 

Once a subscriber they will provide you with as much support as they can via email and through their information sheets. If a larger piece of work is required they can provide access to one of their team of community and legal advisors and experts. They provide a low-bono price system giving subscribers access to expertise at the best price. If you need to use one of their team or want training  and consultancy they will then give you your subscription for free!

They are also happy to help more broadly in exchange for your help promoting our service. We are looking for strategic partners who we can work with at events. We are happy to provide expert speakers in exchange for an opportunity to market our service and if we could market through any member mailings that would be wonderful. We are open to creative win-win opportunities to develop our work.

Advising Communities want to be the legal expert charity for community organisations and charities across the UK and they want to do that as a partner with those already working within the sector.

Please have a look at 

Contact Helen Rice, Chief Exec, directly if you would like to explore anything further:

Posted: 28 October 2017