Ealing Health and Social Care Self Help Directory

The Ealing Health Self-Help Directory is a resource for local people, their families and carers to find relevant groups that can provide support on physical and mental health issues, and related social needs. This Directory can also be used to signpost patients and service users who need additional help and practical advice above and beyond direct medical treatment. It is an excellent resource for professionals who regularly work with the public such as local GPs, GP Practice Managers, Community Nurses, Pharmacists, other health professionals, Care Coordinators and Care Navigators, Social Workers, Housing Workers, Ealing Council staff and local voluntary groups.

This directory is an online interactive document. Use the build-in links to navigate the document on screen, and use the Category index to help find what you are looking for. We recommend that you open the document in Adobe PDF Reader to ensure that the links work as intended.

Download Your Copy of The Directory Here

If you have any comments about the Directory, please contact Angela Dodwell. Angela@ealingcvs.org.uk